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Challenge № 85: Astronomy

Challenge № 85: Astronomy
New Deadline: Saturday, October 26 at 10pm [PDST]

For this challenge your icons should be inspired by astronomy.
Use any scenes showing outer space or use astronomy-inspired design elements in your icons.
Look at the bottom of this post if you need some resources.

inspiration icons
roseplanets-naginis 0-A5cc-MP-valeyvo ltaf8h-Novindalf tardisspacey-marcasite nightbulbs-280486-original

featured creators
naginis | valeyvo | novindalf | marcasite |nightbulbs

General Icontest Rules:

You may use any screen captures, episode stills or promotional photos from Doctor Who, the modern or classic BBC television series.
Please do not use fan art graphics or other fan art that is not made by yourself in your icons.
First time icontest participants, please read the general icontest rules & info here in the profile.

Number of Icons & Entry Period

For this challenge you may enter up to six (6) icons in total.
You have 14 days until the challenge ends.
The challenge may be extended if there are not enough entries to have voting.

Special rules

You may enter up to two (2) icons with any kind of animation. Gifs must be no bigger than 60KB file size (Dreamwidth's icon limit).
Spin-off series option for this challenge: No.

Other Stuff

Spoilers rule! Please don't use any images from new not yet aired episodes that could reveal spoilers. If you're using screen-caps from new episodes, please wait two weeks from the episode premiere.
Any official season/series trailer screen-cap images are exempt from the spoilers rule.

Technical Specs

Please format your entries with the icon image & the direct link.


Please let me know if have any questions or if you think you would like more time to enter.

Hope you have fun!

Image Resources

Mini List of Resources for Astro-Inspo!

Vintage Astronomy Textures by teamenti @ DeviantArt
Starry Textures Super Pack by zummerfish @ DeviantArt
Ten Steps...Icon Textures pack by lookslikerain @ DeviantArt
Cute Planets vector art pattern (SVG & EPS in zip) @ Vecteezy
Space Adventure texture pack by ravenorlov @ DeviantArt
I'll Walk...Icon Textures pack by Lookslikerain @ DeviantArt
The stars, like dust...Textures Pack by ravenorlov @ DeviantArt
Constellation Stars Brushes (abr format) by lilithdemoness
Solar System Silhouette background @ Vecteezy
Cute message cartoon space poster @ Vecteezy [eps, svg, ai, jpg format in zip file]
Starry Landscape Vector @ Vecteezy

For the last two links, the image formats are unknown to me. I haven't downloaded them. They're editable online then you can choose a download format. Oct. 5th edit: I downloaded the poster graphic and added the info. Also, added one more textures pack link.
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