Stephie ❁ (luminousdaze) wrote in dwstills,
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Challenge #59: Replaced

Challenge № 59: Replaced
New Deadline: Friday, February 17, 2017 at 10 pm [Pacific]

For this challenge your icons should show the original image's scenery replaced & the subjects put into new backgrounds.

Please read the rules here in the profile before entering.
You may use any screen caps, episode stills or promotional photos from Doctor Who (any era).
Please do not use graphics or art (that is not made by yourself).
Spin-off series option for this challenge: No.
You may use the screen caps below or find your own.
For this challenge you may enter up to 5 icons in total.
You have 12 days to enter this challenge.
🌏 Have fun!

Image Resources

Tags: !challenge, challenge 59
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